GSM Security

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GSM Security Vendors

Safe-com Safe-com is a specialized, worldwide operating manufacturer of telecommunication security solutions and encryption products for modern IT- and communication infrastructures. Safe-com manufactures the nG SecurePhone, a government grade solution for secure voice communication over GSM networks.
Adeya Executive Phone provides end-to-end encryption over the GSM network, using AES encryption or quantum generated keys. Adeya uses current Nokia mobile phones as the base platform for it’s technology. Up to 50 users can be supported in one encryption domain.
Gold Lock Encrypted Nokia mobile phones – the only secure phones which are licensed by the Israeli Ministry Of Defense. These sophisticated phones use a dual layered RSA 1024 bit / AES 256 bit encryption to protect voice conversations and text messages. The encryption can be installed on popular Nokia cell phones.
Cryptophone GSMK CryptoPhones are the first and only fully trustworthy solution for completely confidential mobile phone calls. GSMK CryptoPhones are very easy to use and provide hassle-free, convenient security. They are all based on the strongest encryption algorithms – AES 256 and Twofish. Very long keys ensure the security of your calls far into the future. GSMK products contain no backdoors for anyone and can be fully verified by independent researchers. GSMK CryptoPhones offer worldwide protection for your confidential phone calls- whether by GSM cellular network (900, 1800, 1900), satellite phone or land line.
SmartTrust A leading developer of infrastructure software for managing and securing mobile services.
Mobile electronic Transactions Founded to establish a framework for secure mobile transactions, ensuring a consistent user experience independent of device, service and network.
Baltimore A comprehensive, open, standards based wireless security infrastructure available on the wireless market, providing everything needed to build a trusted wireless environment.
NTRU A lightweight PKCS implementation.
Certicom Movian Enterprise wireless security products
Crypto AG Secure GSM Handset Encrypted mobile telephone supporting end-to-end encryption between mobile GSM phones and fixed telephones in the analogue network using the HC-2203 Secure PSTN Voice Encryption.
InfoGuard Secure GSM Module GSM encryption solution which guarantees end-to-end security between GSM networks and a GSM network and a fixed network.
Wireless Design Online A VertMarkets Marketplace for Industry Professionals
@stake A Digital Security Consultant (Including Cellular Network & Device Designs, Implementations and Operations Security)
General Dynamics Sectera Secure Wireless Phone for GSM
Shoghi Communications Ltd Off the Air SHOGHI GSM Monitoring is intended for search, interception and registration of cellular signals on standards GSM-900/1800 in stationary or in mobile variant
SecureGSM Software-only encryption solutions for Windows Mobile phones