GSM Security

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GSM Security News

News Article Source Publication Date
Mobile snooping for everyone in weeks: German hackers crack GSM encryption The Register 2009-08-25
Code breakers crack GSM cellphone encryption Israel21c 2003-09-07
Israeli boffins crack GSM code The Register 2003-09-04
GSM Association downplays mobile security concerns 2003-09-03
GSM phone encryption “can be cracked” 2003-09-04
Israeli Scientists Crack GSM Mobile Call Security Yahoo! Finance 2003-09-03
GSM security flaw uncovered ZDNet UK 2003-09-04
Technion researchers crack GSM cellular phone encryption Israeli Insider 2003-09-03
GSM Security Disabled in Russia cellular-news 2003-07-11
Bugwatch: GSM security flaws exposed 2003-06-02
Public Access BlackSpots? Unstrung 2003-02-21
Check Point Software Delivers Next Generation GPRS Security CheckPoint Press Release 2003-02-11
Official: crackers have broken into GPRS billing The Register 2003-02-10
Telecom Bureau reassures public on GSM security Taiwan Headlines 2003-01-30
National Security Agency (NSA) Goes Secure GSM 2002-10-14
GSM calls even more secure thanks to new A5/3 Algorithm 2002-10-01
GSM Phones Blocked For Gaddafi 2002-07-08
GSM calls even more secure thanks to new A5/3 Algorithm GSM Association Press Release 2002-07-01
EU wants identification system for users of prepaid telephone cards Telepolis 2002-05-19
GSM Phone Cloning Possible, But Chances Slim Newsbytes 2002-05-09
Mobile reprogrammers face five years 2002-03-05
GSM security report (in Danish) Birte Weiss, Danish Minister of IT and Science 2001-03-19
Cell phone flaw opens security hole ZDNet News 2000-09-18
Cryptographers Crack Cell Phone Code ABC News 2000-08-14
GSM Association Launches Global Security Accreditation Scheme GSM Association Press Release 2000-04-25
GSM Phone Hack Recovers Key In One Second Hack Watch Network 1999-12-07
GSM security cracked ZDNet UK 1999-12-07
Researchers Claim to Have Broken Privacy Code for Wireless Phones New York Times 1999-12-07
Cell Phone Crypto Penetrated Wired News 1999-12-06
GSM Smartcard Emulator Released Hack Watch Network 1998-04-25
Security questioned Public Network Europe Newswire 1998-04-21
GSM Alliance Clarifies False & Misleading Reports of Digital Phone Cloning Business Wire 1998-04-20
GSM Cell Phones Called Secure International Herald Tribune 1998-04-17
GSM MoU Association Responds to Recent Claims of Compromise to GSM Security Wireless Daily News 1998-04-15
Omnipoint to Alter Wireless Formulas Bloomberg News 1998-04-15
Researchers Crack Code in Cell Phones The New York Times 1998-04-14
Cryptographers crack digital cell phone code CNN 1998-04-14
Digital Cell Phone Code Cracked ABC News / AP 1998-04-14
GSM – Security By Stupidity Hack Watch Network 1998-04-14
Cell-Phone Security Far From Airtight Wired News 1998-04-13
Cryptographers Announce Break in Authentication Encryption for GSM Phones Wireless Daily News 1998-04-13
Code cracked on a digital cellular phone San Jose Mercury News / USA Today 1998-04-13
Flaw Is Found in Digital Phone System That May Let Hackers Get Free Service The Wall Street Journal 1998-04-13
Smartcard Developer Association Clones Digital GSM Cellphones Smartcard Developer Association 1998-04-13
Concerned Telecom and Network Security Specialists Respond to Claims of GSM Cellular Phone Cloning Crossbar Security 1998-04-13